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Merry Christmas

We had a fun Skype last week. The kids are getting older and what they want to do is changing.  It is a bit of a challenge to keep both kids engaged.  But for right now 2 year old R wants to do what 5 year old V is doing.  I gave them a bit of homework to color a paper plate green.  Although they did not have a paper plate, they cut out a circle and colored it green.  Then I had them cut it into 4 pieces so they had 4 pie shaped pieces.  

We spent a little time trying to guess what those pieces could possibly be.  V put to of the pieces together and said it was a bow, said it was a puzzle, one piece could be a skirt and so on.  I finally started to show them how to layer one piece over the other with the points up.  V then yelled it was a Christmas Tree.  After gluing it together, the kids decorated it.  V also decided to put a star at the top and add some stickers.  Above are the pictures I took of the finished product.

Before finishing we did make a date to read each other a book on our next Skype date:) 


Aug. 25, 2017


Our first Skype in Dubai!!!


I decided on a quick little activity with the kids helping to create a finger play.  The task was to go out and find a twig and get 5 flat beans from kitchen.  So funny because the kids could not find a twig.  There were no trees near where they live in Dubai.  So, instead my daughter substituted a pipe cleaner.  I had them glue it to the paper horizontally and then glue the beans on the twig.  The beans were little birds.  To make them look like birds we used a marker to put 2 eyes and feet on them.  


Time to create the finger play.  We used the typical finger play template, "Five little birds sitting in the tree........."  I had the kids help me create what each little bird said or did.  Here is what we came up with.  I do have to confess that I am not creative and I did the first bird.  The kids and mom came up with the rest.

Five little birds sitting in the tree.

The first one said, "Get off my tree."  

The second one said, "Follow me."  

The third one said, "Watch out for the bee."  

The fourth one said, "Watch out for the bug."  

The fifth one said, "Glick, glick, glick."


After creating the fingerplay we created motions to go with each bird.  The motions are what you think they might be for the particular line.  


Enjoy, enjoy, please let me know what you come up with on my FB page.

June 2016


How Fun is This!!!!

I have all the "kids" doing a project.  After connecting, my grand daughter wanted to know what our project was going to be.  I decided this time to make simple paper plate puppets.  


We took a large paper plate and then decorated with markers.  We folded it in half and made a crease.  On the outside, we added a face and we had a puppet.  We used the puppet to then sing my grandson's favorite song, If You Are Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands.  Then he ran off to get his trucks but my grand daughter continued to play with it. We had a puppet conversation and all.  


March 20, 2016  Here one minute...

Gone the next!!

Play date was very grand kid driven last night.  I had nothing planned and went with the flow.  First V read to me a Pigeon book and then I read her, her favorite Pigeon book titled, Pigeon Takes a Bath.  V loves that book.  Then she wanted to pretend, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  While we were doing that my daughter decided to take a quick shower and let me Skype babysit for a few minutes.  

V wanted me to be Goldilocks and they were going to be the 3 bears.  Sounded like a plan to me until all I saw were two empty chairs.  Daughter in the shower and me trying to find them via the laptop.  I think they ran off to get props, etc....  Anyway, I got them back on screen and we play acted using the furniture in the living room and then we were done.  

Valentine's Day 

Our Valentine's Day Skype was a lot of fun.  This was the first time the baby participated.  Actually, he is 21 months old now, so not so little anymore.  We made a Love Bug hat with antennae.  I found the project on Pinterest.  If you click on the name, you can see how it is supposed to look.  I also made sure my daughter had paper and pipe cleaners before the Skype.  


So, to make the hat, you cut the paper in half lengthwise and have the kids decorate it with hearts.  The kids could use anything they wanted from stickers to markers only.  My grandkids used markers.   You can see the pictures at the bottom.  Then tape the two pipe cleaners coming out of the top, fit the hat to head, tape and done!!!   What was fun is that I sat in my living room making my own hat while my daughter made the project with them.  Yes, there was a little chaos while she tried to help the younger one.  But I was quite comfy in my living room watching them.  It was fun watching V trying to figure it out herself and doing a nice job if I may say so myself. 


While we were making our hats, there was a sideshow going on.  Grandpa kept changing his hat and appearing on the screen.  He put on a coat, scarf and hat, then changed into baseball gear, then into a mexican hat.  The kids loved seeing him appear and reappear wearing different hats.  


Another fun thing was towards the end, Sally, the puppet, came to see what her friends were doing.  Immediately, V said she would make a hat for Sally the puppet.  I don't think she at all thought the distance was a problem.  Just love little kids and their thinking.  


So, that is all for now.  

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My Story

My daughter and son-in-law moved to Singapore and now have moved to Dubai took my granddaughter and grandson with them.


Faraway Grandma

This website is dedicated to all Grandmas whose grandchildren live far, far away.  My grandchildren now live 21 hours away by plane so weekend visits are not an option.  I wanted to find a way to play with them and to connect with them in a way that went beyond pictures.  I hope that this will encourage other grandmas (and grandpas) to do the same. Please Like my site and post ideas and comments on my Facebook Page.


I have found Skyping to be an amazing way to "play" with my grand daughter.  By attaching the computer to the tv and using the tv as the monitor and then putting a webcam on the tv, we can interact  in a bigger space, rather than huddling in front of the computer screen.  My grand daugher and I have had many fun experiences this way and now she is asking to do some of the same things over and over which is fun.  My plan is to share these experiences as we go.  Yes, it is not just grandma, but grandpa participates too.  

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